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Welcome to Guangzhou Jiang Yue Inflatable Co., Ltd, founded in 2001. After nearly 17 years of development and growth, she is set designing and researching.manufacturing, selling, engineered installing at one of the professional technology-based industrial companies. who works on Sport, recreation, entertainment equipment, advertising, and other equipment.
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Jiang Yue plant has made many successful cases and received positive feedback from customers. Jiang Yue is always from the perspective of customers and is committed to creating the greatest benefits for customers and achieving long-term cooperation with customers.
Regarding the setting of shopping points: Many developers want to have big business in the early stage. In fact, mobile water parks generally cannot pull a lot of commercial shopping needs, only some related shopping, such as souvenirs, swimwear, and so o
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Jiang Yue Inflatable Co., Limited Lucas:+8613809773917 Annie:+8613809773597 Alvin:+8613809773915
No. 33, Hengli North Street, Hengli Village, Renhe Town, Baiyun District GuangZhou China