Customized Atart N Finish Line Inflatable Arch Price

Item No.: Jyue-IA-005
Description Advantages How to use?
Inflatable arches are usually made using PVC. Uniquely our arch is made using polyester making them significantly lighter (and better for the environment). This makes them easier to transport and easier to set up than the PVC equivalent. At less than 28kg one person can easily manage the 5m wide arch. With a PVC arch at least two people would be required as the arch would weigh 50-70kg.inflatable arch pump

The lighter weight also means a less powerful blower is required to keep the arch inflated. We recommend a 1000W blower for the 10m and  680W for the 5m arches
1.Light and easy to carry, and it’s comfortable to use.
2.Easy to clean and can be used for many times.
3.Convenient and strong vent design makes it easy to inflate and deflate.
4.Fold the inflatables after deflated can save the space of storage.
1.Choose a right place and then plug in the power cord.
2.Open the package, spread the inflatable and then fasten all the ropes.
3.Blow up the inflatable with a blower.
4.Fix the inflatable with metal fixing ring.