Insane Giant Inflatable 5k Obstacle Course For Sale

Item No.: Jyue-5K-008

Inflatable 5k Obstacle Course

Inflatable 5k Obstacle Course,a fun and dynamic 5K, made up solely of inflatable obstacles -- iIt will challenge you, surprise you, and leave you bouncing back for more! Not just throw together a couple slides and bounce houses – we took imagination and creativity, and went to the leading manufacturer of custom inflatables.


Features of inflatable obstacle:

1. PVC safe-guard netting we use is much more durable than nylon netting.
2. Long side fabric to protect the connecting part of jumping mat and side.
3. Sliding fabric cover the side wall against water into the inflatables.
4. Inflatable pad protecting players' safety & can be wet and dry used.
5. All pressure parts have extra covers.